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There is a proposal that all Swedish children should start school at the age of six. Is this a good idea?

Stockholm has had more rain in June than ever before in recorded history. Do you think the rest of the summer will be any better?

Sweden is out of the European Football Championship. Are you happy with the team's performance?

The European championship in football has started. How will Sweden do?

Last week a 15-year-old was reported to the police for a so called facerape. What do you think about facerapes?

Last Saturday, Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest with Loreen's Euphoria. Do you think the right song won?

Should the austerity in Europe be combined with efforts to stimulate the economy?

Do you know that the ice hockey world championship is played in Stockholm now?

According to a study from Gothenburg University, 70pc of Swedish journalist are sympathetic to parties left of center. Do you think this affects journalism?

Is it justified that telecommunication companies do business in dictatorships?

Is it your impression that racism is a big problem in Sweden?

Are you worried about unemployment?

Are you concerned about online surveillance?

Do you celebrate Easter?

What is most important for the urban development of Stockholm?

The last time Sweden arranged an Olympic tournament was in 1912 (Summer Olympics). Do you think Sweden should apply for the Winter Olympics?

Last week it was revealed that Sweden helps Saudi Arabia to build weapons factories. What do you think about Swedish arms exports?

Do you think the rate of unemployment in Sweden is on its way up?

The newly born Swedish Crown Princess will be called Estelle. What do you think of that?

Should Sweden recognize a Palestinian state?

At what age would you like to retire?

How would you vote if it was election in Sweden today?

Do you think the Social Democrats will be more successful with the new party leader Stefan Löfven?

Should Sweden join the eurozone fiscal pact?

Do you think Sweden needs to to build up its territorial defence?

How do you think the Swedish economy will develop in 2012?

Was 2011 a good year in your opinion?

Christmas is here. Are you celebrating it?

Last Saturday, extreme nationalists and far-left counter demonstrators gathered in central Stockholm. How do you feel about this?

The Nobel Prize banquet will take place in Stockholm on Saturday. Will you watch it on TV?

The Swedish government wants to impose bank regulations that are the toughest in Europe. Is this a good idea?

Should Sweden introduce the euro?

Sweden passed the financial crisis of 2008 quite well. How do you think the current economic turmoil will affect the country.

In the swimming hall in Tensta, there are some hours every week reserved for women only . Is this good?

Less than twenty percent of the Swedish people are in favor of changing currency to the euro according to a poll. Do you think Sweden should join?

Allsvenskan the premier division of Swedish football is now finished. Which team won? Please don't google!

What do you think about the Occupy Wall Street movement, which now also has reached Stockholm?

Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer received the Nobel Prize in literature. What do you think of that?

There have been speculated recently that Crown Princess Victoria is expecting twins. What do you think?

The tumultuous stock market has strongly undermined many Swedish pension funds. Are you worried about your retirement savings?

A new report shows that less people in Sweden hire black labour (work that is not listed for tax) for home-cleaning and home-renovating. Have you ever hired black labour?

The Swedish ice hockey league Elitserien, with two teams from Stockholm, starts this week. Are you interested?

Is there a housing bubble in Sweden?

This autumn will be interesting for those who follow Swedish politics. Are you one of them?

Last week the Stockholm Stock Exchange dropped with -11%. Will this bleak development continue?

There are still a few summer weeks left but many people are back from their vacation already. How about you?

In the last weeks an increasing amount of experts have expressed fears of a housing bubble in Sweden and that prices will fall sharply soon. Do you think the house prices in Sweden will fall?

Last week, Norway was struck by a brutal one-man terror deed with 76 killed. Do you think a similar incident could happen in your country?

There is a proposal that the state monopoly on sales of alcoholic beverages, Systembolaget, shall be allowed to start with home delivery. Is this a good suggestion?

Will you be in Sweden this summer?

What is your opinion about the new design at

The Swedish car manufacturer Saab Automobile has stopped paying salaries to their employees. Does Saab exist a year from now?

Will you celebrate Midsummer?

The Swedish music site Spotify is increasingly popular among the artists. Do you use Spotify to listen to music?

In Sweden, one has died and 46 have been infected with E. coli. Have you avoided vegetables due to the outbreak?

Do you think snus should be legalised in the European Union?

Six new mosques are planned to be built in Stockholm. Is this good?

A third of Swedish pupils in upper secondary school are absent without valid cause. The government want absenteeism to be noted in the grades. Is this right?

Should Sweden be a monarchy or a republic?

Did you celebrate Walpurgis night last weekend?

The Swedish car maker SAAB is once again in financial trouble. Is there a future for the company?

Should Sweden join the euro zone?

Spring has come to Stockholm, and with the spring come pollen. Around 20% of the Swedes suffers from pollen allergy. Do you have it?

Sweden has sent eight fighter jets to Libya, but they may not participate in any battles with ground targets. Is this right?

Sweden was officially neutral during the cold war but in reality cooperated closely with the West. What do you think about this?

What do you think of the Swedish weapon export?

Eric Saade won last Saturday the Swedish qualification to Eurovision Song Contest with the song Popular. What do you think of this?

The governing parties together with the Greens have agreed that illegal immigrants should have the right to health care and schooling. Was this decision right?

Monday this week 25 years have passed since the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was murdered. What is your opinion about Palme as a politician?

 The Social Democratic Party has record low poll numbers after almost five years in opposition. In a few weeks, they are to choose a new leader. Could that be a turning point?

Should Julian Assange be turned over to Sweden?

Minister for Finance Anders Borg has branded Sweden as a “tiger economy”. Do you think it is true?

The deportation of Iraqis is criticised in Sweden, even though half of the Iraqis who come to Europe goes to Sweden. What is your opinion?

A state appointed commission has recently proposed that pupils should be able to appeal their grades. What do you think of this?

The winter has so far been quite cold and snowy. Have you gone for some skiing yet?

Will 2011 be a good year?

Cancelled flights, trains and difficult road conditions. Is it understandable with traffic disturbances in this weather?

Earlier this month there was a suicide bomber in Stockholm. Are you afraid of terrorist attacks?

Sweden has gotten some publicity in connection to Wikileaks.  What is your opinion about Wikileaks?

Should controlled wolf hunt in Sweden be allowed? Today there are around 200 wolves in Sweden and a new wolf hunt may be the case in January 2011.

Have you bought any Christmas gifts yet?

The founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange is wanted by the Swedish police, suspected of rape. Do you think the suspicions are real (this does not necessarily mean he is guilty)?

Social Democratic party leader will step down. Is this good or bad for the party?

Last week a book with spicy details about the King's private partying was published. Is it alright for journalists to dig dirt about the royals' private life?

Last weekend the police might have stopped a potential terror attack against Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city. Do you believe there might come a terror attack in Sweden?

Have you tried snus? It is a Swedish form of tobacco which you put under your lip.

Last Saturday, a fifth Swedish soldiers died in Afghanistan. In two weeks' time the parliament shall decide if the operation shall be extended. Should it?

What do you think of the Nobel Prize laureates?

The Swedish ice hockey league 'Elitserien' has started. Will you follow it?

How should the center-right government run Sweden?

The center-right Alliance is to form a minority government and an anti-immigration party take seats in parliament. How do you feel about the election outcome?

On Sunday there is election to the Swedish parliament. What kind of government do you think Sweden will have in October?

After TV4 refused to show Sweden Democrats' commercial film, Danish politicians called for international election inspectors to be sent to Sweden. Do you agree with them?

Sweden recently decided to start taking admission fees for non-EU students starting in the fall semester 2011. What do you think of this?

Was it right to invite Annika Östberg to speak in the popular national radio programme "Sommar"? Östberg was sentenced for murder in the US 1981 and was transfered to Sweden after 28 years in American prison.

Is it right to deport EU-citizens who are living from begging for money in the metro? Read background.

Do you want more summer heat or summer rain?

Allsvenskan, the Swedish football league, started again this weekend. Do you follow it?

The Green party wants to introduce a five year ban on new shopping malls outside the cities to protect the Swedish inner-cities. What do you think of this?

Are you planning to come to Sweden during your summer holidays?

Do you appreciate the present hot weather in Sweden?

Will you spend your summer vacation in Sweden?

Will you celebrate Midsummer on Friday?

Will you follow the royal wedding in Stockholm between Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling on Saturday? The ceremony starts at 3.30 pm.

The Swedish Crown princess is to get married soon. Should Sweden remain a monarchy?

What should be done about the traffic situation in Stockholm?

Will you follow the Swedish royal wedding?

Do you follow the ice hockey world cup?

How will you vote in the Swedish elections in September?

Princess Madeleine has broken the engagement with her fiancé Jonas Bergström. What do you think of this?

Are you affected by the volcano eruption on Island?

Volvo Cars will soon be owned by the Chinese company Geely. Will Geely do a better job than Ford as owner of Volvo?

Do you celebrate easter?

What is your relation to Stockholm?

The Swedish parliament decided recently to recognize the killings of Armenians, Assyrians and other groups in the Ottoman empire 1915, as a genocide. Was this the right thing to do? 

The 90 km long ski-race Vasaloppet took place last Sunday. In this year's race, 16 000 participated. Were you one of them?

The National Agency for Education in Sweden has proposed that in junior high school,  Christianity should not get more attention than other religions. What do you think of this?

According to some analysts, Sweden is heading towards a price bubble in real estate. Do you agree? 

Should Sweden bring home its military force from Afghanistan?

Do you think Sweden should change currency to the euro?

There has been an upset debate this week about claims about the late author Stieg Larsson; that he was a "mediocre journalist" or that he was a "poor writer". Have you read any of the Millenium books of Stieg Larsson?

The policy of gender quotas to increase the gender balance at Swedish university education will soon be stopped. What do you think of this?

What do you think of the cold whether in the past few weeks?

The first legal wolf-hunt in Sweden since 1966 started yesterday. It has been decided that 27 wolves out of appr. 250 may be killed. This has started an upset debate. What do you think?

It has been revealed that Volvo Cars will most likely be sold to the Chinese car producer Geely. What do you think of this?

Last week it was revealed that foreign PhD students in Stockholm often live under harsh conditions. What do you think about this?

What do you think of the future of SAAB Automobile?

Have you taken the vaccine against the swine flue?

The Swedish government decided this week to accept the gas-pipeline that goes from Russia to Germany at the sea-bottom in the Baltic Sea. Was that a good decision?

What did you celebrate last weekend?

The impact from Islam on the Swedish society is the largest foreign threat against Sweden since the Second World War. This is the opinion of Jimmie Åkesson, party leader for the Sweden Democrats. Do you agree with him?

Winter is slowly coming to Sweden. From 1 October it is allowed to have winter tyres and from 1 December it is compulsary. Have you changed to winter tyres on your car?

Do you think that Sven-Göran Eriksson should come home to Sweden and take over the position as coach for the Swedish national football team?

Was it a good decison to give the Nobel peace price to Barack Obama this year?

A recent survey shows that the segregation between Swedes and immigrants has increased in Stockholm. One idea that has been discussed is that the authorities should decide where to place newly arrived immigrants? Is this a good idea?

Do you think that the police should have been able to stop the spectacular helicopter robbery in Stockholm last week?

It is now a discussion in Stockholm to allow the location of a flat to influence the rent more than today. What do you think about market-based rents?

The decision to initiate constructions for a new motorway-link (called Förbifart Stockholm), leading the traffic around Stockholm, has created much debate. Do you think Stockholm needs this new ring-road?

After Sweden got 2-1 against Hungary, there is still a chance that they will qualify for the football world cup 2010. Do you think they will?

An art student in Stockholm has been sentenced a fine for bluffing a suicide attempt and a psychosis as a part of her student project about how patients are treated at mental hospitals in Sweden. Do you think it is ok for an artist to go this far?

The article in Aftonbladet last week, which insinuates that Israeli soldiers have taken organs from killed Palestinians, has stirred up much emotions. Should the Swedish government have condemned the article?

The monarchy and the Royal family has a strong public support in Sweden. Especially now when two royal weddings are planned for next summer. Do you think Sweden should preserve its monarchy?

Should more skyscrapers be built in Stockholm as has been proposed by some politicians?

New figures indicate that Sweden´s economy has reached the bottom and is about to turn upwards. Do you think this is true?

This week is Stockholm Pride. What do you think about that?

Has the weaker Swedish Krona increased the chance that you have spent or will spend your holiday in Sweden?

A new project by the government is to promote Sweden as a food country to get more tourists. What do you think of this?

Last week was the so called ´Almedalen-week´. It is a political week in Visby on Sweden´s biggest island Gotland. Have you ever been to Gotland?

From July 1st, Sweden will lead the EU for six months. Will the Swedish EU presidency be successful?

Recently the Church of Sweden accepted same sex marriages. Is this the right thing to do?

What do you think about the new design at Stockholm News?

On June 6th it was the Swedish National day. Did you celebrate it?
Will you vote in the Swedish elections to the European Parliament on Sunday?
A landlord in Hällefors (mid-Sweden) claimed a higher rent from a refugee family than from his other tenants. Is this ok?
Today, university education in Sweden is free. Should fees be introduced as suggested by a new national council?
Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcasted on Saturday at nine pm (Swedish time) from Moscow. Will you watch it?
Are you afraid of the swine influenza?
According to a report on 11 European countries, Sweden is the country with most rapes per capita. What is the reason behind this result?
The Christian Democrats have been criticised for planning to have TV ads in the coming Euro-elections. What do you think about political TV ads?
The spring has come and this means also pollen allergy, which many Swedes suffer from. Do you have any pollen-related allergies?
Do you think the Swedish car manufacturer SAAB will survive the crisis?
Last week a radio programme showed that its reporters had used hidden microphones to test whether Sweden Democrats were racists. Is this method ok?
Should Sweden skip the system of compulsary military service and get a professional army?
Sweden will send an opera-pop song to Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Russia? Does it have a chance?
A special commission has proposed that alcohol should not be served after 3am. Is this good?
Vasaloppet, the classical 90 km skirace took place this Sunday in Dalarna. Have you ever participated in this race?
The controversial Davis Cup tennis match between Sweden and Israel will be played in Malmö with no audience. Is this good?
It is a hot debate now in Sweden about file sharing with an important trial going on. Do you think it is ok to download copyright protected files?
There are plans now to add levels new to many buildings in Stockholm. Is this good?
Last week the nuclear power debate in Sweden lived up again. Do you think new reactors should be built in Sweden?
A new law is proposed in Sweden which will give marriage between homosexuals the same status as heterosexuals. Is this good?
"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Swedish crime novelist Stieg Larsson was last year’s most sold book in EU. Have you read it?
Despite criticism, the Swedish Tennis team will play the coming Davis Cup match against Israel? Is that good?
How do you like the cold weather during these days?
Was 2008 a good year?
Will you celebrate Christmas?
What do you think about the government´s 28 billion SEK package to support the Swedish car industry?
Did you follow the Nobel price ceremony this Wednesday?
On Wednesday at 12.50 the Nobel Price ceremony will be broadcasted on Swedish TV. Will you follow it?
Should Sweden join NATO?
This week, Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf would have had her 150th birthday. Have you read any of her books?
The winter is slowly coming to Stockholm. Do you like the winter?
This week, the government announced tougher measures against youth marriages and virgin restorations. Is this good?
The Swedish football league, Allsvenskan, is soon over for this year. Have you followed it?
Have you switched to winter-adapted tyres on your car?
During the financial crisis the question of adopting the Euro has been raised. Do you think Sweden should join the Euro currency?
This year´s Nobel Price in literature was given to the Frenchman Jean-Marie Le Clézio. Have you read any of his works?
This week, it will be made official who will get the Noble-prices this year. Will you follow it?
This weekend parts of the Swedish force in Afganistan was attacked. Should Sweden bring home its 370 soldiers in Afganistan?
Are you affected by the international financial crisis?
The autumn is arriving. What do you think about that?
This week, a foreign ambassador was caught driving drunk, but released because of diplomatic immunity. Is it reasonable that foreign diplomats have immunity?
Have your ever tried the Swedish "speciality" fermented Baltic herring?
Should Sweden be a monarchy or a republic?
What do you think about your private economy one year from now?
How many gold medals will Sweden win in Beijing?
Is it good that the Swedish healh care performs ´virgin restoration operations´?
Have you ever tried snus?
What is most important to fight?
Karl Rove met with the Swedish government in Almedalen. Should they take inspiration from his experiences and methods?
What is best with the Swedish summer?
Should new nuclear power plants be built?
Did Sweden do an acceptable performance in Euro 2008?
A lawbill is proposed which will allow Swedish authorities to scan all e-mails, sms, phone-conversations etc. that cross the Swedish border? Is that justified?
From an international point of view, who would you like to see as the next president of the USA?
Is it justified to send back refugees to Iraq?
Did you watch the Eurovision song contest?
Should a university fee be introduced for foreign students in Sweden?
Have you been to Sweden?
Does Sweden need a military defense force?
Are public housing corporations a good thing?
Do you use your mobile phone when driving?
Should the opening ceremony in the Beijing Olympics be boycotted?
Do you celebrate Easter?
Should the government inform the citizens about Gulag and other crimes committed by communists?
Do you have confidence in the Swedish police?
Do you think that immigrants are discriminted in Swedish courts?
Do you miss the winter?
The Danish police have busted a group of people who possibly have planned to murder one of the persons behind the Mohammed cartoons. Now several newspapers in Denmark are publishing the cartoons again. Is this right?
Have you changed your way of life because of global warming?
Is it ok that people like porn mogul Berth Milton buy stocks in sport clubs and try to get influence?
Is it a good idea to build skyscrapers in Stockholm to get room for more people?
Should the pipeline for gas be built under the Baltic Sea?
Should Sweden have a referendum about the Lisbon treaty?
When making an overall judgement, was 2007 a good or a bad year for the world?
It is christmas. Do you think that Jesus was the Son of God?
Do you think that the global climate change is caused by the human civilisation?
Is it good that buying sexual services is illegal in Sweden?
Two women have claimed they were discriminated since they were not allowed to swim topless at a public swimminghall at the same time as men may have bare chest. Are they right?
Should Fredrik Reinfeldt do as Gordon Brown and boycott the EU-African summit since Robert Mugabe is invited?
A mechanic was sent home from work because he had dyed his hair red. Is that justified?
Are you in favour of the road pricing paid by vehicles entering and exiting Stockholm?
Is it in your experience easy to get to know new people if you move in to Stockholm?
Stockholm is calling itself "The capital of Scandinavia". Is that justified?
What do you want to see more of on Stockholm News?
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