Malmö serial shooter convicted of two murders

Sweden | 2012-07-24
The Malmö serial shooter, Peter Mangs, has been found guilty of two murders and four attempted murders. He will be subjected to a psychiatric evaluation before the district court is to decide on the sentence. "He will certainly never get out again," says Sven-Erik Alhem, former chief prosecutor in Malmö.

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Malmö District Court today announced that Peter Mangs is guilty on 13 of the 20 counts he was charged for. Among else, he is guilty of murdering 20-year-old Trez West Persson, who was shot dead in a car in 2009, and the murder of Kooros Effatian, who was shot in his home in 2003.

However, he is freed from a number of assassination attempts. The court has not provided any justification for how the assessment has been made in each case, or how the evidence has influenced the decision.

The forensic psychiatric examination will take about four weeks. The forensic psychiatric report will be followed by the final pleadings, and the sentence is expected to be delivered in the first weeks of September.

"Either it will be life imprisonment, or forensic psychiatric care with a special discharge review. He will certainly never get out again, unless the Court of Appeal makes a different assessment. No one would dare to make a time determination of his sentence," says Sven-Erik Alhem, former chief prosecutor in Malmö, to daily Svenska Dagbladet. Alhem is sure there will be an appeal to the Court of Appeal. 


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