Julian Assange might be extradicted to Sweden. Photo: Wikipedia

Julian Assange to Sweden - perhaps

Sweden | 2012-05-30 | 3 comments
The British Supreme Court decided today that Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange shall be extradited to Sweden. Assange is accused of sexual offences. But the implementation of the decision might take a while.

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The claimed offenses are said to have occurred during Assange’s stay in Sweden in 2010. One woman has accused him of rape, while another has accused him of sexually molesting her. Both women were acquainted with Assange, who claims that he is innocent. Many of his sympathizers believe the accusations has more to do with Wikileaks than with reality.

The verdict in the British Supreme Court has nothing to do with Assange’s guilt or non-guilt to the accusations; it just means that the Swedish prosecutor who issued the arrest warrant had the legal authority to do so. It is very possible that there won't even be a trial; that Assange will be set free shortly after arrival to Sweden. Everything depends on how the evidence against him is valued.

Postponed extradition

However, later today, Assange lawyers argued that they had not gotten all information about the international conventions that the Supreme court based their decision on. The Supreme Court's decision can normally not be appealed but considering the circumstances, the court has given Assange’s lawyers two weeks to decide whether they will demand that the case shall be opened again.

The British legal expert Joshua Rozenberg called the situation “a very unusual decision and embarrassing for the court” in a comment to the daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) . She believes a final decision will be made in July.

What about the Swedish legal system?

Some of Julian Assange’s supporters are reportedly worried that he would be sent to the USA if he was extradited to Sweden; this would be one reason for his refusal to go back to Sweden to face the trial.

The professor in civil law Mårten Schultz writes in a debate article in SvD (Stockholm News' translation from Swedish):

“It is a problem for Sweden that the picture of our legal system that has been spread by Assange’s team and their sympathizers is a malicious portrait, a caricature. When influential persons, such as the film maker Michael Moore, the feminist Naomi Wolff and the journalist John Pilger – are using the caricature in their attacks against the Swedish legal system, the problem becomes massive. In large parts of the world, the impression of the Swedish legal system is colored by the claims made by Assange’s sympathizers. This is not strange. It is these claims that have dominated so far, since representatives for the Swedish legal system and other Swedish legal scholars have failed reaching out with a more fair picture of Swedish justice.". The whole article is found in Swedish here.

Stockholm News has written many articles in the past about Wikileaks and Julian Assange. You can find them by using the search function on the site.

Readers' comments

2012-05-31 11:52 Lancelot wrote:
Well, I guess this will continue a couple of months but if he is finally extradicted to Sweden it will be very interested to see whether it finds him guilty. I don´t believe for one minute that the Swedish government will extradict him to the the United States.
2012-05-31 01:57 Bill Owen wrote:
There is NO chance, NONE, that Assange will not be charged in Sweden. This is political Tommy, political. Please keep it real as they say.
2012-05-30 21:40 Lorraine Conley wrote:
Why do they make false charges, to learn how to do something. Secretary Hillary Clinton: We Hacked Yemen Al Qaeda Sites

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