Invited to Ministers´ dinner by mistake

Sweden | 2012-04-25
When the government wanted to invite some former Ministers to a dinner party a few days ago they got an unexpected guest.

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One of the invited was the former Minister for Agriculture Margareta Winberg. However, the government accidently invited the wrong person, a 67 year old woman in north Stockholm with the same name.

The “wrong” Winberg went o the dinner party and since she actually had been invited, she was let in and was even allowed to be part of the official group picture afterwards. The right Winberg did of course not show up since she had not gotten any invitation. She said however to DN that she has been to many government dinners before, while this Winberg hadn't, so no harm done.

The Winberg who was at the dinner party, said afterwards that "everyone was very nice"

The host, Minister for Enviromnment Lena Ek described the incident as “extremely funny”.



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