Liberals want to extend the metro sytem

Stockholm | 2012-03-09 | 3 comments

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Two top politicians from the Liberal Peoples’ Party (fp) have joined the debate about an extension of the metro system in Stockholm. Erik Ullenhag, chairman of (fp) in the Stockholm region and Birgitta Rydeberg, chairman of the regional party board in Stockholm, wrote a debate article in the daily Svenska Dagbladet today. They claim that the city, the region and the state should all contribute to the financing of an extension of the blue line towards Nacka.


Readers' comments

2012-05-29 14:19 J wrote:
Shouldn´t the increase in advertisement cover the cost? We have a lot more advertisement now days, but the price of public transportation is still on the rise.
2012-04-04 04:31 sunnchilde wrote:
I know spending public money is often painful, but there are some projects that are worth it. Good, efficient, timely public transport will make everyone´s life easier. Imagine not needing your car? You still have it for weekends, but for the day to day daily grind, you don´t NEED it. That should be a goal that everyone wants.
2012-03-09 18:36 jenna-mccallister wrote:
Ask the money to the banks not to the citizens , how many taxes we have to pay again ....not right to the green side of the city !

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