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Taxi fares in Stockholm could be regulated

Stockholm | 2012-03-08 | 9 comments
Taxi drivers who charge tourists excessively high prices are becoming a really big problem in Stockholm. It has gone so far that hotels now usually warn tourists of the expensive taxis. Therefore the City administration wants to explore how to stop theses abuses.

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"It is a problem especially for occasional visitors who get duped. It draws down the rating for Stockholm,” says Olle Zetterberg, CEO of the Stockholm Business Region, to daily Dagens Nyheter.

The County Administrative Board receives many complaints about excessive overpricing, and the Transport Agency, who is the supervisory authority, the number of unreported cases is probably great, especially for tourists.

The Transport Agency considered in an investigation in 2010 that it is a small group within the industry which accounts for the abuses, a group that mostly target tourists and those who rarely take a taxi. The drivers are well aware that they likely not will get the same customer again.

The situation with dishonest taxi drivers is "catastrophic" and "extremely bad", according to those who work with tourists in Stockholm. These are example of opinions presented in a report by the Stockholm Business Region.

Many hotels and trade fairs inform their customers both orally and in writing about dishonest taxi drivers. One of the interviewees think that customers are put in risky situations by the problem, and that it is difficult to understand how big the problem is for those who do not experience it daily.

A further problem arises when, for example, hotels are trying to keep taxi drivers from small companies away from the most attractive places. One person explains it like this:

"The taxi drivers become very, very aggressive if someone is helping customers to ensure that customers do not get duped. There are threats, and violence in some cases."

The tourist industry wants some form of enhanced regulation and better oversight of the taxi industry. For example, mandatory connection to central booking. That would make it easier to track excessive pricing.

"We must do something," said Olle Zetterberg.

Readers' comments

2012-04-27 19:50 jan-amsterdam wrote:
Police just check these cars to control if they are clean from drugs,guns,alcohool brews to sell illegally etc.etc....and then the prices are too many high from Arlanda to center city !!!!!!!!
2012-04-26 10:30 Deks wrote:
just check how many taxi drivers have bought houses in nice neighborhoods, you will be surprised, hard work, you bet.
2012-04-25 16:12 Jeff77 wrote:
if you want swedes taxi drivers after you have to get high the birth rate in Sweden , it´s mathematical not ideologic !
2012-04-21 14:17 Garry Larsson wrote:
If the government provided a better protective system where taxi are deregiistered if reported and found guilty of ripping of customers, the the problem will be half sold. But unfortunately the swedish government provides very little if no protection,such examples are insider trading, and having no control over the internet where many crimes occur. The taxi driver has to make a living, but it is open season to charge what they like without proper regulation.
2012-04-09 17:46 Franz-augsburg wrote:
Soon many people from Europe will come there in Sweden to get a new job as taxi driver , unemployment rate is increasing dramatically in everywhere , at leats I guess to.
2012-04-03 16:43 danish-robin-hood wrote:
Many of them are not swedes and not speak correctly the swedish language , but they are or will be swedish citizens soon or later , nothing to regret then .
2012-03-30 15:07 Bergreen-Odense wrote:
We need to see more swedes to get taxi licenses and not extracomunitarians only , without obfence to nobody !
2012-03-16 13:26 msmith wrote:
When I travel, I protect myself against dishonnest taxi drivers by using the iphone app mytaxicontrol. Unfortunately Stockholm isnt covered by that app. I think I will contact them to have Stockholm added.
2012-03-11 22:29 Kris wrote:
Higher fines and much better control of WHO drives taxis, now you have all sorts of terrorists and rapists being taxidrivers, some of them even without licenses. Also heftier punishment for their crimes.

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