Public housing apartments to become private

Stockholm | 2012-03-07 | 3 comments

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Around 2,800 public housing apartments in Stockholm will be sold to private real estate concerns. This was decided today at the extra board meetings of three public housing entrepreneurs: Familjebostäder, Stockholmshem and Svenska bostäder. It concerns apartment buildings in Västerord and Hagsätra in the western parts of Stockholm.

The vice chairperson of Familjebostäder, Ann-Margarethe Livh criticises the decision. She argues that the tenants should have had a say in this matter. In a press release she writes that she is ashamed of being in a board that acts in this manner.

Also the Greens in Stockholm are critical to the decision:

"The sale of the public housing weakens Stockholm's possibilities to have a functioning supply of apartments", says Yvonne Ruwaida from the Greens who is also vice chairperson for Svenska Bostäder to Radio Stockholm.

Public broadcaster Radio Stockholm has tried to reach the Moderate Party but they do not want to comment on the issue at present.


Readers' comments

2012-04-12 18:09 KARL-ZWOLLE wrote:
@VANKOPIUS ---> i agree to you , our goverments are fault about it , rules to change for a good balanced market in the homes rental biz .
2012-04-12 01:48 VanKopius wrote:
Yes the rules gotta be revised soon because is one wrong choice to the private investors as means private banks belonged to private american owners , no americans in the public real estate business in Europe , they want to eat our last public goods , wake up swedes !
2012-03-08 17:05 MD wrote:
A strange and unswedish approch in sailing public appartments to private. No words can describe the mistake any how if coruption is not there the rule must be revised

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