Hard to find facility for syringe exchange program

Stockholm | 2012-03-01

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Tags: Health

No one in Stockholm seems to want to rent out a facility for the syringe exchange program. The solution could become - a bus.

It is almost two years since the County Council's health care committee decided on a syringe exchange program. Then it took about a year before the Stockholm City Council followed suit.

Now, a political consensus has finally been reached on the issue. But what is still missing is a facility where people injecting drugs can exchange used syringes for clean ones.

The County Commissioner for healthcare, Bridget Rydberg, believed that the syringe exchange would be in operation before the end of last year and want it to be running at least in 2012.

“We'll see if the private estate agent we have hired are more imaginative and find a host that we have not thought of. The last option is to have mobile operations in a bus,” says Birgitta Rydberg to daily Dagens Nyheter.


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