Stockholm grows faster than expected

Stockholm | 2012-02-27 | 3 comments

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Stockholm grows faster than expected. In 2050 there might be as much as 400,000 more people in Stockholm than earlier prognoses. This reports daily Dagens Nyheter.

It is above all the immigration that has increased more than expected from Statistics Sweden. In the last five years, the net immigration to the administrative region Stockholm county has been 22,000 more than the prognosis.

Between 2010 and 2020 Stockholm is expected to grow with aproximately 35,000 people yearly. Thereafter the increase is estimated to slow down. In 2050, it is expected that Stockholm county will have between 2.83 and 3.20 million inhabitants according to region planner Gunilla Rosenqvist.


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2012-03-29 17:30 holmqvist33 wrote:
2012-03-28 18:58 jim1980 wrote:
Stockolm is a very beautiful place to stay !
2012-03-01 09:45 Jason wrote:
Hm,.. That´s a large city. I guess that would place in the top 10 US cities and top 60 or so cities in the world, as far as population rank is concerned. And with people comes the need for homes and transportation. Phew...will be interesting to see the developments!

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