Political quarrel about new metroline

Stockholm | 2012-02-22

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The plans to build a new metroline to Nacka in southeast Stockholm (see map) had a smaller setback yesterday. This reports Dagens Nyheter. The centre-right majority in Stockholm's county council voted down a proposal from the Social Democrats to immediately begin a pilot-study for the project.

The Social Democrats are critical:

"This shows that the Moderates (centre-right) do not want a new metroline. The only thing that they push for is new tramlines in the inner-city of Stockholm", says Erika Ullberg county commissioner of the Social Democrats to Dagens Nyheter.

The Moderates on the other hand claim that there is no need to hurry and that time is needed to specify all components in such a pilot study.

"It does not play a crucial role if we befin the pilot study in February, March or April", says Christer G Wennerholm, county commissioner for the Moderates to Dagens Nyheter.

A possible metroline to Nacka will in any case not be finished until the years 2027-2030 even if the pilot study would begin tomorrow.

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