Slippery roads in Stockholm

Stockholm | 2012-02-22 | 2 comments

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The roads in Stockholm with surroundings were very slippery this morning. The reason is among else freezing rain in the whole region. This has led to several incidents in the traffic. Around 15 cars were involved in a large accident on road E4 slightly north of Stockholm close to Upplands Väsby.

Police officer Ulf Lindgren to Radio Stockholm:

"It has been described as extremely slippery. It started in the southern part of the county, in Södertälje, where there were several accidents shortly after eight o'clock. Then there have been a number of accidents, among else two larger accidents in the northern parts".

Also the bus traffix were affected in large part of the Stockholm region with several cancelled busroutes mostly in the areas of Södertälje, Norrtälje, Märsta and Bromma.

Cancelled flights

Also the air traffic to and from Arlanda Airport has been affected. Several flights have been delayed and some have been cancelled. According to Radio Stockholm, the problem is not that planes cannot start and land but that the personnel that work on the airport have difficulties to move around safely, for example when it comes to baggage handling.

Readers' comments

2012-04-27 19:53 jan-amsterdam wrote:
In other country they use spreading salt over the icy roads , but is not enough using chains over the wheels to avoid problems of driving???
2012-04-25 18:04 nån wrote:
traffix????? traffic :D

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