Power failure in Stockholm - again (updated)

Stockholm | 2009-06-01

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More than 90 000 people in the north area of Stockholm lacked electricity yesterday evening. The reason according to the local public Radio was an explosion in one of the electric centrals. The electricity came back after midnight.

At around 10 pm yesterday, fire started in many of the electricity transformer centrals in north Stockholm run by electricity company Vattenfall. Due to intensive heat, many power lines expanded and sank down towards the ground.

According to the local public radio, more than 93 500 households in Täby, Sollentuna, Danderyd and Solna was without electricity.

Around 20 trains had to be cancelled that was going north from Stockholm. Many passengers had to wait a long time since it was difficult to find buses on such a short notice.

The reason for the explosions and fires are not known yet.

- We have been totally focused on correcting the acute error. We have not yet had time to investigate the reason for the fires, says Maria Lidzell, communicator at Vattenfall to Stockholm Public radio SR.

This is the second occasion in a short time-period that Stockholm has had a big power failure.

There are at the moment no suspicions of sabotage.

Update: The cause for the power failure has now been found. It is most likely a short circuit. Sabotage can therefore be excluded.

Mats Öhlén


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