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Stockholm | 2009-05-29

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The start of Stockholm Marathon a previous year. photo: Tommy Berlin

Tomorrow is the day for Stockholm Marathon. A day the runners have longed for and a good day to stroll in the city to watch them, especially considering the excellent weather forecasts. But their will also be traffic problems.

If you need to go by car or by public buses in the inner city of Stockholm tomorrow, be prepared for closed streets and much traffic on the open ones. The closed streets will vary during the day. For information about it, call the police at 08-401 19 89 from 11 am tomorrow.

The best way, if possible, is to travel by metro. Between 12.15 pm and 8.30 pm some bus lines are either cancelled or operate on a different route than usual.  More information about which routes that will be affected is found to the right on this page. You can also call 08-401 19 87 from 11 am.

Inconvenience for car- and bus travelers is one thing, but Marathon is first and foremost a popular festivity. Many people are edging the streets when the runners come.

The start is at 2 pm at Lidingövägen outside the Stockholm Olympic Stadium (see map) which was first used for the Stockholm Olympic Summer Games in 1912(!). The goal is inside the stadium. Read more, and see the route they run, on the official homepage of Stockholm Marathon.

Tommie Ullman


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