Norway´s National Day celebrated in Stockholm

Stockholm | 2009-05-18

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The Norwegian population in Stockholm celebrated the Norwegian national day yesterday, at May 17. Some Swedes seemed to have joined the procession as well.

At May 17; 1814 the Norwegian king Christian Frederik signed the Norwegian constitution, adopted by the parliament the day before. That is the reason why they celebrated their national day at this date, even though they shortly after were forced into a union with Sweden. That union was to last for ninety-one years. But they kept their constitution the whole time.

The separetion of the two countries was peaceful and so is the National Day celebration. 35 000 Norwegians live in Sweden, a few thousand of them took part in the march from Engelbrektsplan to Skansen in Stockholm.


Some Swedish flags were seen in the procession as well.

The procession gathered people from all age groups.

Tommie Ullman


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