Skyscrapers splitter local politicians

Stockholm | 2009-05-14 | 2 comments

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The Social Democrats in Stockholm are doubtful to the next skyscraper project in the city. Now it is unclear if the Moderates are able to realise their plan on a skyscraper close to the City Hall. 
The scyskraper planned to be buildt at
the Central Station. Photo: A1 Arkitekter

The inner city of Stockholm has a low silhouette, where mostly towers and spires visibly emerge in the skyline. Stockholm does not have any skyscrapers, i.e. houses over 100 meters height, as they are specified by international definitions.

But when Kristina Alvendal of the Moderate Party (liberal conservative) became City Commissioner responsible for urban construction last autumn, she said it was “kind of outdated” to let church spires be the tallest building in Stockholm.

Currently there are plans on two houses higher than 100 meters in the central inner city.

One skyscraper is planned to be built at street Vasagatan, near St. Clara Church. The other shall be built in a new city district, called Västra city, near the City Hall.

The Liberal Party have rejected both of these planned buildings. The Moderates have support from the Centre Party (green liberal), the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats for the skyscraper at Vasagatan.

But it is unsure if the Moderates can count on support from the Social Democrats when it comes to the skyscraper close to The City Hall.

“Spontaneously I am doubtful to a tower there. It does not think it will fit very well,” says Teres Lindberg, Social Democrat and vice chairman in the urban construction committee, to newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

But at the same time is Teres Lindberg positive to a skyscraper opposite of the Central Station.

“We actually think that I would work very proper with a high building there,” says Teres Lindberg.

A survey among city councillors has mapped how the frontline of the issue goes in the city council. Among the Liberals, the Left Party (socialist) and the Greens is the resistance strongest. The Social Democrats are split about higher buildings. Strongest support is among the Centre Party and the Moderates.

Those who are positive to skyscrapers say that they would give Stockholm new landmarks and many new residences on a small area.

David Jonasson

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2009-05-24 12:01 WAEL MOREICHEH wrote:
2009-05-14 22:20 Endi wrote:
i think that downtown stockholm should still adopt the law of buildings no taller than a certain height . the heritage and culture of sweden is somewhat stored in those spaces . let the churches rise up for another 700 years . develop the outer ring of stockholms . urbanize the area, add parks, and apartments with modern and bold architechture . rather than plain old boring high rises that we have today .

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