Stockholm writes off debts

Stockholm | 2009-05-10 | 3 comments

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Stockholm county has decided to write off all debts for five thousand children.

A few months ago the Child Ombudsman put attention on the fact that some youngsters have unpaid debts for dentists and doctors that origins from when they were children. The situation occurs when their parents have not paid. When they turn eighteen they become responsible for the debts themselves.

The Child Ombudsman and the National Debt Office want that the parents shall always remain the responsible persons for debts that was created when the children were under aged.

-For the county it is not about the money. The big problem is the trouble it causes the children when they grow up says Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd, local politician for the Moderate Party (liberal-conservative), to Svenska dagbladet.

Tommie Ullman

Readers' comments

2009-05-11 21:23 The fact wrote:
To Malin Great means great in positive side.
2009-05-11 03:04 Malin wrote:
The fact.... Are you being sarcastic or thanking Sweden for its generosity??. I´m not sure what you meant by your comment.
2009-05-10 19:27 The fact wrote:
Great country Sweden

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