Two brothers acccused of child rape

Stockholm | 2009-05-08 | 2 comments

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Two brothers in Södertälje south of Stockholm are suspected of several child rapes. The victims are children to their acquaintances.

The brothers are thirty-eight and thirty-nine years old. According to Dagens Nyheter the older brother has admitted the rapes while the younger denies everything. The prosecutor believes however that there are a lot of evidence, including the children’s testimonies and pictures taken by the brothers.

The rapes took place when they were baby-sitting their friends children thus all victims and their families know the brothers. It seems like they did not conduct the crimes together, but at different occasions.

According to Swedish law, all sexual relationships with people younger than fifteen are considered rape. In this case no violence has been involved but the men have manipulated the children to perform different kind of sexual acts.

The trial will start in a couple of weeks.

Tommie Ullman 


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