Car on fire outside Saudi Arabian embassy

Stockholm | 2009-05-06 | 15 comments

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At noon today, a man parked a car outside Saudi Arabia´s embassy at Östermalm, central Stockholm. According to Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), he then put the car on fire. The man is now under arrest.

After starting the car-fire, the man started to pour some liquid outside the embassy but then he was wrestled down by security guards.

A big part of the area around the embassy was closed down. The police worked out of ´worst scenario´ meaning a bomb in the car.

Peter Mattilainen at the Stockholm Police says to SvD that the man are to be interrogated about his actions. The police does not want to say who the man is or where he comes from.

- This is some kind of protest against some measure in Saudi Arabia. I don´t want to discuss other possible motives, Mattilainen says to SvD.

Mats Öhlén

Readers' comments

2009-05-15 14:50 Eva wrote:
Jacob, I´ve been to India, actually for a few months, went to Hindu temples without any problem, all the opposite, I felt very welcomed in India, liked it a lot. In as far as Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock and Israel, I´ve been there too, without any problems, check points and barriers are there to prevent muslims from blowing themselves up (heard of suicide bombers?) and trying to kill as as many people as possible while doing it.
2009-05-15 09:48 Jacob wrote:
Eva,I think u never visited a Hindu Temple in ur life.Visit India,enter there and come to know the begining & end of ur limits.If Temple mount and Dome of the Rock are not only for Jews,why Armed forces prohibit muslims & christians to go there for worship? If all cities of Israel are open for everyone then why there are Barriers at Crossing points,stopping people to move across for their basic needs and if someone resist,shot him/her straight way?
2009-05-14 02:50 Eva wrote:
Jacob, So in SA foreign women can walk around in jeans and shirts? Seemingly a guy and his girlfriend can sit together anywhere anytime in the open, like a coffee shop or restaurant, is that so? Physical punishment does not happen in the open where people can see it? Please tell me which cities in India are only for Hindus, what places in the Vatican are only for Christians and by the way, Temple mount and Dome of the Rock in are not only for Jews, also which cities in Israel are only for Jews??
2009-05-13 09:20 Jacob wrote:
Eva,The physical punishment is not being implemented in each street of each town.First of all the number of physical punishments is very low and if there exist such a case it is done at specified places.Makkah and Madina are prohibited for non-muslims just as many places in India are only for Hindus, many in Vatican only for Chirstians, many in Jerusalem only for Jews like Temple mount and Dome of the Rock.
2009-05-12 01:31 Eva wrote:
Hello The Fact, Thanks for your reply. So as I understand it the woman would NOT need to be covered, can go around in jeans and tshirt, and both of them (Bertil & girlfriend) can seat together anywhere (like a coffe shop) in the open and mingle and enjoy food & drinks normally. I did not mean their hand could be cutt off, but if it is possible that they could see this happening to someone else, witness some physical punishment?. If they are not muslim they could not visit Mecca & Medina?
2009-05-11 21:20 The fact wrote:
to eva: I am hapy to heard your questions. 1st:he can go with his girlfriend and go where they want and seat evrywhere they want.She can has jeans and tshirt in some place but as you know every place on the world has a special cultural so no need to cover as your comment. 2nd:no body will cut off your hand at all.I have my friend frome japan veseted me there without problems. last:visiting mecca or madinah if not muslim not decision of saudi goverment it concern to 100 000 000 muslim.
2009-05-11 15:47 Eva wrote:
Jacob, I just to know. If you´ve been there and know the answers to my questions please let me know the answers. I posted 4 questions, do you know the 4 answers??
2009-05-11 08:50 Jacob wrote:
Eva, First go there and visit personaly then comment,dont try to imagine things which have been endosed in your mind through false and unrealisitic informations.
2009-05-10 20:35 Eva wrote:
To "The Fact", If Bertil goes to Saudia Arabia with a girlfriend, can she walk around the streets in jeans and tshirt or would she have to be covered from head to toe?, Could they do normal tourist activities like seat together at a restaurant or coffee shop, maybe an outdoor table, watch other people there and passerbys, mingle and enjoy some food and drinks?, Could they ever encounter a public punishment scene, like someone getting flogged or hand cut off?, Can they visit Mecca or Medina?
2009-05-10 19:26 The fact wrote:
to the bertil: I will go within 3 months so i hope you try to visit KSA befor write about somthing you did not see it befor.
2009-05-08 21:00 Bertil wrote:
To “The fact”: Saudi Arabia is such a “wonderful” country, where women are banned from driving a car on public roads; amputations and floggings are carried out under the Shari´a, gays are arrested; churches and synagogues are not allowed and the human rights record is very poor. If you miss it so much, why not returning there?
2009-05-08 16:30 The fact wrote:
Saudi arabia is peacful country.if there is sombody made somthing bad dos not mean that saudi arabi is bad.i lived at saudi arabia and i miss it because it was wanderful country.
2009-05-07 15:31 non muslim wrote:
strangely many immigrants in sweden are muslims. in future we can expect talibanisation of sweden or islamic shariaw law in sweden otherwise these muslims vadalise the whole sweden just like rosengård
2009-05-07 12:08 Lars wrote:
The Arabs are bringing their violent behaviour into peaceful Sweden ( maybe peaceful NO MORE BECAUSE OF UNBRIDLED IMMIGRATION )
2009-05-07 00:01 lancelot wrote:
Who wants to demonstrate against the Saudi Arabian government? Expats? Any Saudi Arabians here who can update me? Has something happened in the country lately that triggered this?

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