Wolf spotted 50 km south of Stockholm. Updated: Probably hit by car

Stockholm | 2009-05-03 | 2 comments

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Here is the wolf seen outside Södertälje. Photo: Allan Wallberg

Yesterday, a wolf was seen and caught on photo in a forestry area called Hölö around 15 km south from Södertälje. Click here for map.

The wolf was strolling around the forest but was soon discovered by people. The nature photographer Allan Wallberg who lives in the area was, according to Dagens Nyheter, called up by his neighbours to use the opportunity.

Mr Wallberg went out and discovered the wolf close to the forest. He got good pictures of it and they indicate that it is a rather young wolf.

According to experts, it is probable that the wolf has been driven out of its group in the western part of Sweden and is now strolling around to find a new territory.

Update: A wolf was hit by a car this evening at around seven pm. It happened on the motorway E4 outside Södertälje.  It is probable that it is the same wolf as described above. It is now dead and has been taken care of by the police. It will be taken to Uppsala for autopsy.

Mats Öhlén

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2009-05-07 04:41 Christina wrote:
I agree with Green
2009-05-04 10:25 Green wrote:
It is sad that the wolf is dead. Our nature is most beautiful when all the natural animals lives in it.

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