Old-town-shootings arranged by ex-wife?

Stockholm | 2009-04-26

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A warrant of arrest was accepted today for the 41-year-old man who is suspected to have shot a couple in Old-town in Stockholm on Tuesday. 

The man is suspected on "probable reasons for attempt to murder in two cases". This degree means that is is probable that he will be convicted.

The man was arrested after the injured man woke up and could give information to the police about the man who shot him.

The shooting took place on Tuesday in Old-town (central Stockholm). Witnesses have reported that a man was waiting for the couple at a certain place with a yellow scooter. When the couple arrived he raised the gun and shot several times against both of them.

Both were shot but the man was more seriously injured. He was shot in the head and in the stomach. He was very close to death but his condition is now stable.

Yesterday, a warrant of arrest was put on a woman who is suspected to have planned the murder attempt. She is suspected for instigation of murder "for good reason".

The background is that she is the ex wife of the shot man. There is according to Swedish public television SVT a bitter conflict today between the two concerning child custody.

The woman is believed to have hired the 41-year-old man to shoot her ex husband and his new girl-friend.

Mats Öhlén


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