Two people shot in the Old Town

Stockholm | 2009-04-22

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Two people were shot in Gamla Stan (the Old Town) in Stockholm last night. A 38 year old man has been arrested for attempted murder.

One of the injured, a 38 year old man, is under intensive care for life threatening injuries in his stomach and throat. The 39 year old woman has also severe, but not life threatening, injuries.

The suspected perpetrator disappeared on a vespa but was later arrested in his apartment. He and the victims know each other somehow but the police are confidential about the details. He had been waiting for his victims for several hours.

The shooting took place right outside a school and at least three children witnessed the event. A team of psychiatrists and people from a nearby church has been called in to give support to the children.

Update: The suspicions against the arrested 38 year-old have been weaker during Wednesday afternoon. The police are now looking for new witnesses

Tommie Ullman


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