Abducted son might be in Stockholm

Stockholm | 2009-04-18 | 2 comments

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Seven year-old boy Roberto Capelli was illegally taken by his mother to a secret adress in 2007. The latest information indicate that Roberto is in the Stockholm area, either in Hallstavik or in Tumba.

Roberto speaks English, Italian and a little Polish.

If you have seen him or think you know where he is, call the police 114 14 or email to


Roberto´s parents separated in 2004. After this, Roberto lived full-time with his father Vinicio Capelli in Florence, Italy. Then the parents came back together and moved back to Kent in the UK.

In 2007, the mother went with Roberto to Poland to attend a family wedding. Some days after this, the mother called the father and said she would not come back home.

The case was brought into court and in November 2007 a Polish court awarded joint custody. This was the last time that Vinicio saw his son. After this the mother has failed to show up with the son for arranged meetings and gone into hiding.

Since then, his father Vinencio Capelli has been trying to find his son.

Mats Öhlén

Readers' comments

2009-04-20 01:23 Rob wrote:
I hope his father finds him and that he is well
2009-04-19 15:03 lancelot wrote:
I hope people in Tumba or Hallstavik keep their eyes open. It is so sad for the father to lose his son like this.

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