Part of the blue metro line will close temporarily

Stockholm | 2009-04-13

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The blue metro line will be closed between the stations Rådhuset and Kungsträdgården this summer. The reason is the initial constructions for Citybanan (“the City lane”).

Citybanan is the name of the new commuter train system under Stockholm that will be built during the next few years. We have written about it here. The construction is estimated to go on until 2017. In the mean time there will be temporary disturbances on some places.

The first major disturbance will be for travelers with the blue metro line from Akalla and Hjulsta into the city center. They will have to get of at Rådhuset and change to special buses which will go to Sergels torg and the Central station. Another option is to change at Fridhemsplan to the green metro line.

The blue line from Rådhuset to Kungsträdgården will be closed from June 14 to October 12. The city says they will soon inform residents along the blue line more about this, also in different languages.

Tommie Ullman


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