Prosecutor-General criticises Stockholm police

Stockholm | 2009-04-04

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For the first time the Prosecutor-General determines that the Stockholm police have used illegal sting operations. This means that several verdicts could be ravelled.

During ten years the police in Stockholm used infiltrators in order to get to criminal gangs. In a case from 2003 where two men were sold weapons by an police infiltrator, the Prosecutor-General now reach the decision that this was illegal and that the men did not get a fair trial.

The Prosecutor-General advise the Supreme Court to raise a new trial.

Defence lawyer Nils Hillert has earlier demanded that the Supreme Court should revel the verdict. For him is the decision by the Prosecutor-General a clear success.

- I find it obvious that it now will be a retrial, says Hillert to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

But this is not the only case where sting operations have been used. Another two men, among else sentenced for drug offences, have also demanded retrials at the Supreme Court. Also in these cases the General-Prosecutor will have his say.

Sting operations are not legal for the Swedish police. The Stockholm police officer responsible for the activity has earlier been impeached and discharged.

David Jonasson



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