Military exercise in Rinkeby

Stockholm | 2009-04-03 | 3 comments

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Update: This exercise has now been cancelled due to the criticism (see below)

The Swedish military force that will be sent to Afghanistan will do its final exercise in Rinkeby in northwest Stockholm this weekend. This is criticized by politicians from both the Left party and the Moderate party since many inhabitants there are refugees with memories of war.

The soldiers will be fully equipped and armed during the exercise writes Dagens Nyheter (DN). The reason is said to be that they shall prepare themselves for operating in a multicultural environment. Ann Margarethe Livh, local politician for the Left Party in Stockholm, says to Dagens Nyheter that people in the neighborhood are pointed out like enemies when the military choose to exercise there.

Mahmood Fahmi, Member of Parliament for the Moderate Party (liberal-conservative) says that local people might feel that the military is there because many of the residents are immigrants.

Katja Öberg Lundgren, head of information for Livgardet, who performs the operation, says to DN that it will be a peaceful and friendly operation. They might however anyway cancel it in the last minute. Öberg also says that the reason for being there is that the place is easy to access and that they want to be in a natural environment.

Tommie Ullman

Readers' comments

2009-04-04 23:26 Muhammed wrote:
Islam will conquer Sweden! islam is the only true religion. Islam will rule the world! Allah hu akbar! Allah hu akbar! Swedish people should convert to Islam!
2009-04-03 15:52 Tommie wrote:
Lancelot, well I do not know but according to Lundgren they were suppose to go around and say "Hello, how are you" to people. It doesn´t sound like a military exercise to me but they had other plans aswell of course. But now it is cancelled anyway.
2009-04-03 15:40 lancelot wrote:
Sounds strange that they will have their exercise inside a neighbourhood. Can this really be true...? What kind of exercise is it then??

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