False adresses in Stockholm for sale to Latin American asylum seekers

Stockholm | 2009-03-29 | 1 comment

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A network of people in Stockholm make a profit of selling false adresses to asylum seekers from Latin Amerika reports newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

By getting a false adress in Sweden, the asylum seeker can work in Stockholm with a temporary work permit. This means that they do not have to stay at a refugee camp like the other asylum seekers.

According to Svenska Dagbladet, there are 187 asylum seekers from Latin America registered at only four adresses. For example in a one-room flat there are 50 persons registered.

In this organised selling of adresses in Stockholm the prices are 200-600 SEK per month.

Mats Öhlén


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2009-04-26 19:35 Deks wrote:
Keep accepting all these asylum seekers. Stockholm already looks like third world country. And I feel that I am not safe on the streets anymore. Good job guys, destroy this country

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