Two new Stockholm restaurants in the Michelin guide

Stockholm | 2009-03-16 | 2 comments

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Two new Swedish restaurants have been awarded stars in the famous Guide Michelin.

It is Matsalen and Matbaren, both in Stockholm that have made it to the boook. Matbaren is new on the list, while Matsalen already had one star but now got one more. Both restaurants are run by Mathias Dahlgren.

Matsalen is together with Edsbacka Krog the two Swedish restaurants with two stars. Seven more restaurants have one star.

Tommie Ullman


One star in Michelin means that the restaurant is exceptionally good in its category.

Two stars means it is worth to travel a little longer way to visit the restaurant.

Three stars means that the restaurant s worth a whole journey just to get their.

Source: På stan.

Readers' comments

2009-03-19 02:05 Ngoc, Vietnamese wrote:
Well, I was there for three months and yes, finding good food in Stockholm is not as easy as in Naple, but anyway, it is not that bad.
2009-03-17 23:45 Italiano wrote:
when I came in living Sweden my first impression was,"If i had had my dog with me I do not believe he can eat something"

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