More difficult to get student flat in Stockholm

Stockholm | 2009-03-08 | 3 comments

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It may be more difficult to get a student flat in Stockholm in the coming fall semester. This according to a prognosis from SSSB, the foundation for student flats in Stockholm.

The reason for the bad prognosis is expectations for higher demand on university education and therefore on student accommodation.

It is above all the economic crisis that cause the prognosis. With a higher number of people in unemployment, it is expected that many of them outside the labour market want to educate themselves.

Another reason is that bigger groups than usual will graduate from gymnasium in June.

At SSSB, it is for the moment a waiting time of approximately nine months. Maria Sjölin at SSSB says to TT that the waiting time is likely to be longer in the fall semester if the financial crisis does not cool down.

For more information on how to find a flat in Stockholm, see the "useful info" section in this news site. You can also visit visit SSSB´s English version home page here.

Mats Öhlén

Readers' comments

2009-03-08 19:20 Stockholm News wrote:
Roman, you are right. It may be very difficult, but not impossible. There are also other providers than SSSB. We give some information, maybe you already know about it, here:
2009-03-08 19:09 roman wrote:
passing the waiting list is not an option for everyone, there is still a shortage. and the information by sssb that it takes about 9 month is probably an average between last minute (0days) and the waiting for almost 350 days normally. i have an account there and i never even got close to get an appartment with them in during the first 320 days.
2009-03-08 16:12 Robert wrote:
This is a bad situation. But it is possible to go pass the waiting list and get a last minute student room.

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