The prosecuted for ´Romario´s death were acquitted

Stockholm | 2009-02-27

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All three prosecuted for the murder of “Romario” were acquitted today by the municipal court in Attuna.

“Romario”´s real name was Ahmed Ibrahim Ali. He was stabbed to death in Kista in north Stockholm in October last year after an argument with some other people. Two other men were severely abused. Ali was a football player who had played for Djibouti´s national team. He was better known under his nick name, “Romario”

An eighteen year old man has admitted he stabbed Ali with a knife, but claims he had no intention to kill him. To admit a severe crime is however not enough to be convicted. There have been speculations that he is trying to protect someone else. The court does not believe that he alone could have stabbed Ali and two others, especially not since he had a temporary eye-injury.

Footnote: The original Romario was a Brazilian world class football player. He was one of the most important players in the Brazilian team that won the world cup in 1994.

Tommie Ullman


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