Several fire-raising attacks in Södertälje

Stockholm | 2009-02-26 | 7 comments

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Four food stores were put on fire during the night and three of them are now totally destroyed. Around 50 fire-fighters still struggle over control over the fires that risk spreading to nearby malls.

The first alarm came a quarter over midnight. Then the food store Willys close to the freeway E4 in Södertälje, 30 km west of Stockholm, was on fire. Barely 20 minutes later came another alarm that also ICA Supermarket close by was on fire.

At ten minutes to four AM a third fire alarm was set, this time at the Tempo food store in Saltskog, southern Södertälje. And this morning, at half past six AM, the personnel at another Willys store in southern Södertälje discovered a fire that they however were able to put out by themselves.

During the night the emergency service in Södertälje had to call for help from the fire departments in Stockholm, Nyköping and Uppsala.

The police quickly labelled the fires to be the work of arsonists. During the midmorning roadblocks was set up and the police also used helicopters in search for possible culprits.

There have earlier been threats against the food stores in Södertälje and last year was there fires in two food stores in the city.

At a press conference this afternoon the police said that they have some clues and are currently investigating films from security cameras. A nation-wide alert have been announced and the Swedish Security Service is on the case. According to the county criminal investigation department “some persons and phenomenon’s” are of interest.

Leftist activist network

Several Swedish media mentiones that an organisation called “Global Intifada” may be behind the attacks. In and around Södertälje have notes been put up challenging people to burn down food stores who sell American products. The notes have been signed by “Global Intifada”.

Global Intifada is a leftwing extremist activist network. The organisation states to fight the current global order, imperialism and capitalism with the anarchist method of direct action. They also hold a pro-Palestinian agenda.

The network has earlier committed a number of political attacks. During 2003 and 2004 they attacked the Polish consulate, the Danish Embassy and two weapons manufacturers by throwing fire bombs at their buildings. This was said to be in protests against the wars in Iraq and Chechnya. In 2004 they also harassed a public meeting held in support of Israel.

In 2005 was cars used by the Russian and Danish Embassies put on fire, once again in protests of the war in Chechnya but also the Danish immigration policy.

In 2006 fire bombs was placed outside the building of the Swedish Defence Material Administration. The reason was that Sweden buys military equipment from Israel. The same year activists from Global Intifada harassed a public meeting held by the organisations of Swedish Taxpayers and House Owners.

David Jonasson

Readers' comments

2009-04-03 01:30 Silvia wrote:
It´s all because of Israel and the Jews, of course. It always is. What, no? It must be the Swedish occupation..... of Sweden.
2009-03-05 13:26 lancelot wrote:
Mia, it is very difficult to say whether or not the Muslims in Sweden are in general left-wing. I think it depends very much on which country they come from. But I would NOT say that the Swedish left-wing is islamist or even muslim. The Swedish more extreme left-wing is mostly about ethnic middle class Swedes who are well educated but very radical. The only "muslim" thing in the Swedish left-wing is I guess the strong critique against Israels policy against the Palestinians.
2009-03-05 00:44 Mia wrote:
The above comment let me know what exactly "leftwing" in Sweden is (Islamist and muslims?). Thank you all.
2009-02-28 22:58 Dee wrote:
They challenge the capitalist system, and they should be praised for that. Unfortunately, their violent method is fascist and no one should endorse that. Do propose any better system? Religious! By Jupiter, lock them up. throw away the keys, and let all deities look after them.
2009-02-28 17:48 indian wrote:
these muslims they destroyed their countries and came to this country as refugees and destroying this country aslo.
2009-02-28 17:34 Robert van Diggele wrote:
Again violence from leftwing/muslims fascists. When they cannot get their way with reason, they turn to violence. Best of luck for those people who might lose their jobs due to this attack.
2009-02-27 17:16 Al Jihadi wrote:
"Leftist"? Really? That might be political-correct-speak for ´Islamist´ in Sweden, but please, let´s call it for what it is. Their own name "global Intifada" is a bit of a give away, no?

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