Stockholm castle in need for renovation

Stockholm | 2009-02-23

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The royal castle in central Stockholm. Photo: Wikimedia

The front of the royal castle in central Stockholm is disintegrating.

According to Svenska Dagbladet, thirty percent of the 10 000 square meter walls of the buildings that constitute the Stockholm castle are damaged and in need for repair. It would cost SEK 220 million and take up to twenty years (!) according to the local tv-news.

At the moment, nets are protecting people on the ground from falling stones.

The original Stockholm castle, the very beautiful Tre Kronor, was destroyed completely in a fire in 1697. The present castle was built on the very same spot. The last time it was renovated was about fifty years ago.

The royal family does not live in the castle anymore. In 1981 they moved out and moved into Drottningholms castle west of Stockholm

Tommie Ullman


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