Quarrel between SL and Stockholm´s art college

Stockholm | 2009-02-15

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A conflict has now broken out between Stockholm´s Public Transport (SL) and Konstfack (art college) in Stockholm. The background is a project of one of the students.

Stockholm´s local Public Radio writes that the art student´s project was a film which showed how a metro coach is sprayed with grafitti. One window was also broken in the coach.

This kind of behaviour can lead to prison up to four years. Many have been upset with the film. One of them is Christer G Wennerholm, chairman of SL:

- This behaviour is totally unacceptable. Our travellers must feel safe and we cannot spend loads of money on cleaning up grafitti and repair damage, he says to SR Stockholm.

SL has now reported the incident to the police. They want the school to pay 100 000 Kronor and an apology.

Konstfack has earlier said that if one of their students´ projects has broken against the law, they have done something wrong. 

Stockholm´s art college has upset people before. The last time was in January when an art student faked a suicide attempt and violently resisted help at the mental hospital.

Mats Öhlén


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