Veterans won long-distance skate race outside Stockholm

Stockholm | 2009-02-15

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Skating on lakes is popular in Sweden. Photo from

The skate race Vikingarännet (the viking race) took place today. The winner in both the men´s class and the women´s class was not surprising.

This year´s race took place between Skarholmen and Hässelby. The ices were rather thick but sometimes a bit rugged and cracked.

Dagens Nyheter writes that it was Johan Håmås who won the men´s race. His winning time was 40 minutes and 32 seconds. It was dramatic in the finish with an intense spurting fight.

- It was very very tough. I believed that I was out before Kungsängen, but I am a good spurter and it felt really good, Johan Håmås said to Dagens Nyheter after the race.

Karolin Palmertz Cerne won the women´s race with the time 2 hours and 55 minutes and 2 seconds.

The winners were both expected. The Vikingarännet started in 1999 and since then Håmås has won 6 times and Palmertz Cerne has won 4 times.

The Vikingarännet is 80 km long and this year it had around 3000 participants.

Mats Öhlen


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