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Stockholm | 2009-02-09 | 1 comment

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Perhaps not only these buildings will dominate the silhuett of Stockholm in the future? Phto:

Stockholm is on its way to become more like a ‘big city’. There are plans to increase the height of the buildings at several areas in Stockholm. It has been hotly debated before but it seems now that a change will eventually happen.

 The last time Stockholm was strongly ‘replanned’ was in the 1960’s when many older buildings and even quarters ware demolished and replaced with modern, more functional buildings and planning.

This was according to the spirit of the time, but today many see these quarters as depressing and boring.

According to an article in Dagens Nyheter, there is now plans for a new ‘make-over’ of Stockholm’s buildings. Even if the debate between those who are sceptic and those who are positive has been quite heated the last ten years, it seems now that there is some consensus of what to do: Add new floors to the existing buildings.

- When other cities, like cologne or London, have broken up their skyline, it has not been very successful. Stockholm has instead chosen the Paris-model. This says the city-architect Per Kallstenius to Dagens Nyheter.

The Paris-model means that the inner city keeps its historical height-level, while the surrounding areas may be heightened. According to Dagens Nyheter, the reshaping of the inner city has been going on since the 1990’s but is more clearly seen now.

The next step is expected to be taken soon. On Thursday, the 12th February, the city council will decide about a plan for a new level to be added to buildings. These new added levels are called ’annual rings’ and reflect the added growth of a tree each year.

This means that many new buildings in the city centre will get one or two more floors soon. This is not just about adding more floors to buildings. According to city architect Birkholz, the new floors will both melt into the buildings and provoke.

One other problem to deal with according to Dagens Nyheter is that the city centre is too much dominated by administrative buildings. To get life in these streets, there are plans to increase the private flats, create squares with outdoor restaurants and perhaps even lead water through some quarters.

To be able to add new apartments for provate households, it is important for the planning politicians to have a good cooperation with the house owners. Even if the city has a monopoly on planning, it is still the market forces that are the basis of the decisions.

The latest debate has concerned the area around the Central station. Opposite to the Central station, the plans are to create an impressing entrance to the new ‘citybanan’. There is a hotel there today and the owners have agreed to such a project. The proposals for the new building would be around 100 high.

The liberals have declared scepticism to this project and the ‘Estetic Council for Stockholm’ is also negative. According to them it is too close to Klara Church and competes with it.
The decisions later on will show what will happen to these plans. It is clear though that Stockholm will get higher buildings in the near future.

Mats Öhlen


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