Veolia appeals loss of contract for Stockholm metro

Stockholm | 2009-02-02

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MTR takes over the traffic. Or will they be stopped? Photo: Wikimedia

Veolia, the company which runs the metro in Stockholm, appeals the decision that MTR will take over the contract from November. The County Administrative Court will take up the case.

Veolia claims that their bid was SEK 2.5 billion cheaper for the stockholmers per year. They therefore demand that a court should try if the public bidding process has been conducted in a correct way. SL (the body responsible for public transports in the region) claims that other reasons, like punctuality and other quality aspects were decisive writes Stockholm City.

Many document form the public bidding are regarded commercial secrets so no one can make their own judgment but the court will of course have access to them all.

Some people has demanded that Veolia should not been given an extended contract since they also operate traffic on occupied land on the West Bank. This is however not a factor that SL has taken, or may take, into consideration. When they decide which application that is the best they do it without initially knowing which company that is behind which application.

The rails, stations and trains will continuo to be owned by SL. MTR will however, if the court does not stop it, manage traffic, cleaning, snow clearing etc. The deal runs from November this year and at least eight years ahead. It might however be a bit delayed now since the court needs time to handle Veolia’s appeal writes E24.

Tommie Ullman


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