Cameras on school yards?

Stockholm | 2009-02-01

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Soon the schools in Stockholm might be camera supervised. Photo from

There are plans to introduce heating sensitive cameras on school yards in Stockholm.

The schools in Stockholm county have had problems with material abuse on their school yards. For example broken windows, which is both tragic and costly.

It has been discussed to introduce cameras on the schoolyards to prevent this, but many have protested because it would violate the personal integrity of those who are in school.

According to Dagens Nyheter, the potential solution to this problem is "heat sensitive cameras". The camera can detect people moving in the schoolyard but cannot identify them. What it can do is to automatically alarm a central which can go there and control the situation.

The organization for the schools in Stockholm county, Sisab, has applied for permission to test this. The county board of Stockholm, which evaluate these applications, has given its approval.

Mats Öhlén



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