Party led to big fight

Stockholm | 2009-02-01

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Six persons have been arrested after a big fight in Bromma, west Stockholm. This writes Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) today.

It started with a flat party in Bromma (west Stockholm). But after a while the party turned into a big chaos and fight. At least two people were taken to hospital.

- It was chaos and full panic when we came. It was blood and many were physically abused. Doors, windows and other furniture was destroyed. This said the local police chief to TT (quotation taken from SvD).

Around ten police patrols and many ambulances came to the place. All in the party had been drinking alcohol. It was not clear though whether those who were taken by the police were invited to the party or not.

The suspects and witnesses have been questioned by the police during the night.

Mats Öhlén


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