Gang convicted - forced man to beg in the metro

Stockholm | 2009-01-30

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One person has been convicted to five years in prison for keeping an armless Ukrainian man as a prisoner for two years and forcing him to beg in the metro.

Three others were also convicted to three years, nine months and six months respectively by the Stockholm district court.

The man was, according to Svenska Dagbladet/TT, given a sign with the text “Please help me to get an operation”. If he would refuse the league threatened to hurt his mother in Ukraine. They had also taken his passport and artificial arm and abused him when he protested.

He was during two years taken to different European cities to beg. The police believes he might have collected more than a million Swedish kronor (around 100 000 Euro), but the league did not let him keep anything by himself. After two years the man dared and managed to contact the police in Stockholm writes Svd.

Tommie Ullman


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