Despite the crisis; New apartments to be built in Stockholm

Stockholm | 2009-01-28 | 1 comment

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The future new city bloc ´Lindhagen´ in west Stockholm. Illustration by the city of Stockholm

Despite the bad business conjuncture, there are still many companies who want to contribute in building new apartments in Stockholm.

Several new houses and even city blocs are planned. During the last quarter of 2008; after the start of the financial crisis, the city gave permissions to different companies to build totally 1000 new apartments in the city. According to the Swedish radio most of them are in the near suburbs.

Practically everyone agree about the need for more accommodation in Stockholm, but there have been debates among politicians and on ‘letter to the editor pages’ in newspapers about whether the city should expand outwards or be densified.

-We also want to build in the inner city since we want to give more people the option to choose whether they want to live in the inner- or outer parts of the city says the Finansborgarråd (closest equivalence to a major) Sten Nordin to Swedish Radio.

-Of course the companies are worried about the financing since the crisis is not over yet, but they are still interested in getting the contracts he says

Tommie Ullman

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2009-02-03 12:15 Russell Cederberg wrote:
with the shortage of houses, especially in Stockholm, it seems quite logical to build. when I lived there the waitfor an apartment was sometimes many years...

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