Debate about skyscrarpers in central Stockholm

Stockholm | 2009-01-22 | 3 comments

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The debate about whether Stockholm should build skyscrapers continues.

The specific building that is discussed now is supposed to be 30 floors, or 105 meter high, located just next to the central station. That would be a rather high building by Swedish standards. The building would not only contain apartments but also offices and shops.

–It would also be very good for all tourists and other visitors who will find their way to the central station much more easily says Kristina Alvendal, a municipal commissionaire in Stockholm to the newspaper Stockholm City.

Folkpartiet (social-liberal), one of the three parties in the center-right alliance that runs Stockholm, is however hesitant to build it. They fear it would affect other buildings nearby in a negative way.

Tommie Ullman

Readers' comments

2009-01-24 13:31 Göran Innerstad wrote:
I love skyscrapers let´s have a lot of them in Stockholm.
2009-01-23 21:06 Imperator wrote:
Skyscrapers are nice. Lets build many of them here in Stockholm!
2009-01-23 09:00 Steve Weaver wrote:
One of the truly beautiful things about Stockholm is it´s lack of ugly skyscrapers. Leave them in New York and Chicago and the likes of those cities. A skyscraper will destroy the essence of both Stockholm and the incredible Swedish skyline.

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