More cycle lanes planned in Stockholm

Stockholm | 2009-01-13

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In Stockholm, it has become popular to go by bicycle. This has encouraged the local politicians to improve the availability for bike riders throughout the city.
Popular activity in Stockholm. Photo:
Henrik Trygg/Stockholm Visitors Board

Around 150 000 ride their bikes in the inner city an average day. In ten years the number of bike riders have increased with 50 per cent.

According to a study by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute have it become something of a sign of high status to go by bicycle. It is first and foremost an activity of the well educated, health conscious and high income earners.

But both the state and the municipalities have by tradition not prioritised transportation by bicycle. The Swedish Road Administration put almost one hundred times the more resources on car roads than on cycle lanes. In Stockholm the spending plan on cycle roads have steadily been reduced a number of years in a row.

But all this is now going to change. The Traffic Division of Stockholm City during 2009 will build more cycle lanes, roads and parking spaces.

- Bike riders are good role models for the environmental work and constitutes an important pre-condition for a sustainable infrastructure in the city. Therefore is it important to have well functioning cycle lanes and a jointly net of cycle roads in order to ease for bike riders in Stockholm, says Ulla Hamilton, City Commissioner for Environment and Traffic.

According to the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute would many more people choose to go by bicycle if more resources were put on increased availability for bike riders. The majority of all car rides are shorter than five kilometres.

The Traffic Division plans for better cycle availability this year includes four new cycle lanes and one cycle road, together with six minor projects with for example better pavements and separation from car roads.

David Jonasson


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