Solar panel to power University College

Stockholm | 2009-01-08 | 3 comments

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Installation of solar cells.
Photo: Jonas Lemberg/Vasakronan

This week one of Sweden’s largest solar panels will be initiated – at the roof of Stockholm’s University Collage for Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack).

Almost 700 square metres of solar cells shall support the building, located at Telefonplan in the southern outskirts of Stockholm, with electricity.

But it will not end here. The solar plant will, step by step, be extended in order to become the largest in the country.

The parts of the roof where the current solar cells have been placed have a favourable leaning and are positioned to the south. The plant is calculated to produce around 66 MWh per year.

According to the real estate concern Vasakronan, who owns the building, the change to a solar plant will give 66 ton less of carbon dioxide emissions.

- This project is really exciting since it in a clear way shows the possibilities of how you can incorporate environmental technique for energy supply in already existing buildings, says Bengt Jansson, environmental officer at Vasakronan.

David Jonasson

Readers' comments

2009-03-10 22:00 silvia wrote:
I think that this is a great idea especially since our world really needs us and because we are running out of oil,natural gas,and coal!!!
2009-01-09 14:46 David J. wrote:
No. Pun not intended. Written in a rush, now corrected. But funny I must say.
2009-01-09 12:23 Johnno wrote:
Great story. Great headline. Was the art college/collage irony deliberate?

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