SL-info centre closed because of the cold

Stockholm | 2009-01-07

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No information here yesterday. Photo: Wikimedia

The centre for information about the public transports (SL) in Stockholm, which is located at the Central station, had to close Monday evening because it was too cold for the staff in the premises.

It was less than a year ago that the information centre moved in to the new premises at the bottom floor of the Central station so they had not detected the error in the heating system earlier writes Dagens Nyheter. It was the union who closed down the work place but SL says to DN that otherwise they would have done it themselves.

In the mean time people who wanted information had to go to the metro entrance or another SL-centre at Sergels torg (see map). The situation was not better for visitors by the fact that the tourist information at the Central station closed down permanently a year ago.

Tommie Ullman


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