The cold is tough for homeless in Stockholm

Stockholm | 2009-01-04 | 1 comment

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Winter in Stockholm. Photo from

The last days have been really cold in Sweden. This is usually not a problem but for the homeless in Stockholm it is difficult.

Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) writes that even if there are special houses for home-less people in Stockholm, these have specific demands which may be difficult.

For example to get a place at the Salvation Army´s house, one must be there before midnight and then one must be out before ten in the morning.

Another rule is that those who are registered as a resident in Stockholm are prioritized before all others to get a night place. This means that all the people from other parts of Sweden are often not allowed. The immigrants without papers have obviously the same problem.

The most common strategy to survive is to find other warme places and just hang around there. The most common, according to SvD, is the subway stations, the 24h open shops and the Arlanda airport.

Mats Öhlén

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2009-01-04 21:39 lancelot wrote:
Maybe old anti-missile bunqers around Stockholm could be used to host homeless people and instead of payment they could maintain them as cultural artefacts.

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