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Contact information

For all sorts of questions, opinions or ideas about us or our site, send an e-mail to info@stockholmnews.com

You can also contact one of the directors of the editorial staff:

Tommie Ullman
Photo: Wojtek Jezierski

Tommie Ullman

Tommie Ullman was born in Stockholm in 1976. He has a Master Degree in political science from Örebro University and is now going for a second degree, this time in statistics. He has studied in Stockholm, Örebro, Uppsala, Brisbane and Budapest. Tommie also writes Stockholm News' qualified analyses of Swedish football for the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Tommie's main interests are politics, history, philosophy, science, travel and football (soccer).

Mats Öhlén
Photo: Wojtek Jezierski

Mats Öhlén

Mats Öhlén was born in Gävle (200 km north from Stockholm) in 1977 and grew up in the same city. After studying history and political science in Västerås and Örebro, he was accepted as a PhD candidate in political science at Örebro University in 2003. His research concerns political parties and European Union Affairs with a certain focus on Central and Eastern Europe. The PhD thesis is about to be published in 2012.

In parallel with his PhD studies, Mats has been teaching political science courses on EU, International Relations and party systems in Örebro, Sundsvall, Skövde and Linköping.

Interested in: travelling, politics, literature, history and sports. The last-mentioned was unfortunately interrupted after a knee-injury.


David Jonasson
Mobile: +46 700 638 473

David Jonasson is the legally responsible publisher.

Who are we?

Stockholm News offers three different kind of services:

1) On the web site we give you the most important Swedish news in English. We also have a calendar with events in Stockholm and the opportunity to place a personal ad. To use these services is free. If you are interested in commercial advertising, click here for more info.

2) We have a qualified weekly newsletter where we analyse and explain the background to the Swedish news flow and the current political situation in Sweden. Read more about how to subscribe here.

3) We offer on demand analyses on specific topics connected to Sweden. It can be anything from politics to sports. Contact us for prices. If we do not have the competence for a specifc issue, we can find someone who does. 

Stockholm News is politically independent. The company is owned and ran by Tommie Ullman and Mats Öhlén through the General partnership Stockholm News HB.


The idea to create Stockholm News came up over a beer in Warsaw in 2005, when Tommie Ullman and Mats Öhlén realised that there were not many good and comprehensive English news sources about Sweden and Stockholm.

Tommie Ullman and Mats Öhlén
Photo: Wojtek Jezierski

In Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Tallinn and a number of other European cities you can buy local newspapers in English. Why not in Stockholm? However, Stockholm News is not yet a journal on paper. At the present time, we do not have the resources to initiate a project like that. Instead we bring you the best English language news cover of Stockholm on the Internet.

Cookies and legal issues

According to Swedish law, all sites that use cookies need to inform the readers. We use cookies only for the poll at the front page. More info about cookies and how to avoid them is found on the homepage of the Swedish Post- och telestyrelsen, the authority which handles these kinds of issues.

Stockholmnews.com has a so called publication license, which means the data base is protected by the Swedish constitution on freedom of speech. Our legally responsible publisher is David Jonasson, who can be reached on phone
+46 700 638 473 or e-mail david.jonasson@stockholmnews.com


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